where do our
bowls come from?

The History of Kaia Bowls

our mission and values

Kaia Bowls mission is to deliver healthy, great tasting alternatives to our customers, whether it is for a quick snack, a delicious bowl, or a complete meal alternative. We will execute our mission with exceptional service and deliver or products in a relaxed-chic eating environment.

The values of Kaia Bowls are respect, honesty, passion, and service-to-others and reflects our broader company commitment to our customers and the community

who we are

Tom Draskovics, Founder and Owner of Kaia Bowls. I have spent my career as a successful business professional with extensive knowledge and experience in global business management, strategic marketing and commercial operations. Having traveled the world extensively, I’ve enjoyed discovering new cuisines and restaurant trends for many years.

Linda Souza, Co-Owner of Kaia Bowls. I bring my passion for food and cooking to Kaia Bowls. I have a broad range of creative product development experience from the fashion design and services industry and have produced high profile event shows in New York, Las Vegas and Miami. I am an expert in food and taste trends.

Together we were introduced to Acai and Poke Bowls on multiple trips to Hawaii and have quietly watched the trend “move” to the mainland. Relocating to Florida felt like the perfect time to introduce Acai to a region beginning to recognize this Superfood. Kaia Bowls is a union of two people delivering an authentic, incredible product to our local friends, neighbors and visitors. Our vision is to change the way people eat by providing a healthy, delicious, and convenient alternative eating experience.

There is ONE thing we know for sure ~ once you have tasted a really good Acai Bowl, nothing can replace it. Even if it’s just a few times a week, having a Superfood Bowl as a meal, can have a very positive and significant impact on your health and well being.

who we are

The Acai Bowl ~ beloved by surfers everywhere! The Acai Bowl can be traced back to the early Amazonians before migrating to Brazil. Although today it is a popular Brazillian snack, its roots have been traced back to the Hawaiian Islands. In the 80’s and early 90’s, Hawaii and Southern California were the first places Acai Bowls really found a home and became a food staple among locals, surfers and fitness enthusiasts.

Acai Bowls will fuel you up for a day of surfing Hawaii’s sickest waves, or an adventurous day trekking around and exploring some of the world’s beautiful islands……..for those of us working in our everyday lives it can start your day as a breakfast boost, a healthy lunch, satisfying dinner, a meal replacement or just a refreshing snack.