Here’s to Your Health: What Drinks Pair Well With an Acai Bowl?

If you’ve already decided to grab an acai bowl for dinner, congratulations! You have chosen wisely. Acai bowls are packed to the brim with vitamins and antioxidants. In a rare combo, acai bowls are not just good for you, they are also delicious. With every bite of purple bliss, you’re getting a taste of what many compare to that of a rich blackberry with a chocolatey aftertaste. As tasty as an acai bowl is, you’re going to need something to wash it down with, which is why we’ve listed some healthy drink choices that can be found at Kaia Bowls, our acai bowl restaurant in Clearwater Beach

Kombucha Is King 

Just like our acai bowls, our kombucha drinks are making waves. This fermented tea is a crisp and refreshing drink that’ll make you go, “ahhh” in these hot summer months. Its tart taste pairs perfectly with any of our acai bowls. Try it with a Wipe Out acai bowl; its banana, pineapple, and kiwi ingredients make for a mouthwatering match. Or you could go for a more delectable pairing with the Hono Lulu bowl; imagine washing down a bite of chocolate protein, banana, strawberry, hemp seeds, peanut butter, and granola with a draft of kombucha. 

We’re proud to serve Mother Kombucha at our acai bowl restaurant in Clearwater Beach. But if that’s not convenient enough for you, we also have kombucha on tap so that you always have access to a fresh cup of this probiotic powerhouse

Fruit Blend Frenzy

This is another guilt-free, delicious treat that we love to treat ourselves to here at Kaia Bowls. We recommend the Finastic fruit blend for first-timers. This mix of strawberry, banana, greek yogurt, orange juice, vanilla, and honey is to die for. If you need a little extra pep in your step, the Average Joe has you covered with its combination of coffee, banana, vanilla, peanut butter, and almond milk. It’s a must before the morning rush. 


All in all, we offer 13 fruit blends to choose from. When you take into account our additional add-ons, such as white chocolate, Nutella, and pomegranate seeds, you have a mind-boggling combination of fruit blend items to choose from. We could sit here and go through them all, but we think they all pair well with an acai bowl. Try them all and decide for yourself which fruit blend reigns supreme. 

Come for the Bowls, Stay for the Drinks 

Our acai bowls make for an incredible meal, but it’s not complete unless you wash it down with a tasty beverage. Our kombucha and fruit blends are just a few of the drinks we offer here at Kaia Bowls. We also sell CBD-infused wellness water and Natalie’s Natural Lemonade. No matter what you’re thirsting for, we’ve got you covered. When you have a craving for acai bowls in Clearwater, FL, and are wondering where you can get a full meal, come by Kaia Bowls for an authentic Hawaiian experience that will fill you up and quench your thirst. 

Are you looking for some stellar acai bowls? Kaia Bowls serves the freshest acai bowls in Clearwater, FL! For more information, please call (727) 223-3073 or submit our contact request form.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for general educational information only. This information does not constitute health advice and is not intended to be a substitute for professional dietary counsel.